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The main use of a ProsperSIPP is for investment freedom, but clearly unless it is used then there is little point in having the facility. If you have a ProsperSIPP then you should use all investment sectors. A client will need a specialist with ‘whole of market’ knowledge to make the ProsperSIPP effective. If an investment adviser or fund manager is employed then the main advantage that they have is that they are able to make investment changes very quickly and easily. It allows for corrections in portfolios due to market changes or if opportunities arise that may suit an investor.

A client who is restricted in investment time, say 5 years or less to retirement, or who wishes to only use a limited fund range would be best served with a Personal Pension Plan from an insurer. It will be easier and cheaper to run. A client who would like a degree of investment sophistication and is happy to pay for the advice required to regularly review and change investments funds, or who would like a stock broking service included, would be far better served with a ProsperSIPP.

All of these SIPP plans offer:

  • Online access through a powerful web based extranet system including valuations for private investors and your registered IFA.
  • Fully linked to Investment Management Strategic Partners.
  • Competitive operating and running costs.
  • Allows effective and rapid changes in investment conditions to be catered for.


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